For the past few years, the belgian film industry has grown significantly. The production of short films has doubled over the past ten years. This vitality and energy needs to be pushed and watched over.

To help this growing industry develop even more in Belgium and around the world, it was crucial to create a structure whose purpose is to relieve and gather every person working in the short film industry.

The Belgian Short film Agency aims at protecting the talents and interests of a whole industry.


Four Services


To fill its purpose in the best possible manner, the agency offers four services. These services were created to free the right holders from time consuming day to day operational tasks related to the distribution of a short film.

The agency also allows a platform to communicate and exchange information with other fellow professionals.

  • ·         Festival registration:

    The Agency takes care of registering and promoting the film in the different festivals from all around the world.

    ·         International sales:

    The agency offers a short and eclectic catalog of recent Belgian short films to any broadcaster or exhibitor.

    ·         Screenings of short films and short programs:

    The agency offers programs of Belgian short films to answer the needs, themes and requests of the programmers all around the world: White card, Cine-clubs, Best of, School screenings

    ·         Networking:

    The agency allows its members to benefit from its services but also from the huge network of professionals from the sector.