International Sales


Acting as an intermediary between producers on one hand, and Belgian and international buyer on the other hand, the Agency offers an eclectic catalog of Short films. From older short films to more recent ones, they are available for any kind of Media (TV, VOD, …) in Belgium or abroad.

The agency’s mission is to handle, on behalf of the right holders, every operations related to the sale of a film.

·         Prospecting, booking and control of the broadcasting window, with respect for media chronology.

·         Administrative follow-up: contract management, billing, transfers.

·         Material delivery.


In order to insure an optimal service, the agency includes a limited number of short films to its catalog.




·         Suggest your film to the agency. The service will then inform the rightholders of its decision to keep the film or not. The decision is based on the broadcasting potential of a film.

·         The right holder of the film must be a member.

·         Return two signed copies of the sales contract.

·         Upload the required material (Subscription file, promotional material, files, documents, …) on the agency server.



·         The agency does not ask for sales rights exclusivity.

·         Rights acquisition for five years

·         A 25% commission deducted on each sale.



Each sales proposal is transferred to the right holder before acceptance.