"je serai parmi les amandiers" (Among The Almond Trees)

by marie le floc’h


Demain, Maysan a un rendez-vous administratif important pour sa famille. Mais Iyad, son mari, a une question qu’elle n’est pas prête à entendre.

Tomorrow, Maysan has a very important administrative appointment for her family. But Iyad, her husband, has a question she is not ready to hear.

Festivals :

  • November 2019 - Asiana International Short Film Festival - AISFF (South Korea)

  • April/May 2019 - Brussels Short Film Festival - BSFF (Belgium)

Fiction, Belgium, 2019, 21’

Réalisation/Directing :  Marie Le Floc’h

Scénario/Screenwriting : Marie Le Floc’h

Image/Cinematography : Olivier Boojning

Son/Sound : Pierre-Albert Vivet

Montage/Editing : Christophe Evrard

Casting/Cast : Masa Zaher (Maysan), Jalal Al Tawil (Iyad), Amal Alhamoud (Nour), Myriam Akheddiou (Mme Lebrun), Elodie Gauché (Elodie), Karima Barhoum (Karima), Zena Adi (Nawal).

Production: Hélicotronc, coproduced by Films Grand Huit (FR)

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