Broadcasting of films and programs


The agency tries to acquire as many Belgian productions as possible in order to be an unavoidable actor for programmers and exhibitors looking for Belgitude.

Movie theaters, schools, mediatheques, cultural center, parties or theme nights, off competition programs in festivals : the Agency works closely with broadcasters and exhibitors and offers a selection of entire programs based on different themes as well as the opportunity to pick any short film from the catalog as they please.

By registering your film to the Belgian agency of short film, you increase the opportunities of broadcasting even several years after its production. Indeed, to promote Belgian short films, the Agency engages in a lot of proactive negotiations with programmers, exhibitors and broadcasters.




·         Brand new broadcasting and income opportunities

·         Prospection aiming at future screenings

·         Shipping and return of the screening copies.

·         Billing, collection.




·         The right holder of the film must be a registered member (physical person or corporation)

·         Returntwo signed copies of the broadcasting agreement

·         Upload the required material (Subscription file, promotional material, files, documents, …) on the agency server.


By signing the broadcasting agreement, the production company allows the Agency to rent its film according to the current scale of prices.





·         50% of the screening fee if the screening was prospected by the agency

·         20% of the screening fee if the screening was offered by the broadcaster or exhibitor.

·         No exclusivity


The remaining money is then given to the right holder.

DOWNLOAD the current scale of price