·         Anyone active in the film industry and keen on developing and defending the short film and everyone working for it.

·         Any corporation producing short films and willing to use one of the service provided by the agency.

·         Any professional (director, actor, technical …) willing to use one of the service provided by the agency, benefit from the network or making himself hearin the profession.




Why subscribe to a membership ?

·         To be able to use the services provided by the agency

·         To benefit from information and conselling

·         To join a network of professionals and defend the interests of a particular industry.

·         To be invited to events, gatherings and parties organized by the agency




Why you should entrust us with your film 

·         So it can be broadcasted as widely as possible

·         So it can be promoted to broadcasters, exhibitors and programmers.

·          So it can be shown and promoted around international televisions

·         So it can be listed and watched by buyers on our viewing platform.



How To SuBscribe ?

·         Apply by filling out the membership form online.

·         A confirmation mail will be sent with every information necessary to pay the membership.

          -          25€ (without taxes) for any physical person

          -          80€ (without taxes) for corporations

The representatives of an institution or a professional organization must subscribe as a physical person. The membership is yearly and covers the year from January to January. In Year 1 the price is calculated based on the remaining months. Any member without an orderly subscription will not be able to benefit from the agency services.



What kind of Film can you register ?



·         The right holder must be a member.

·         The film must be produced in Belgium (minor or major)

·         The length of the film must be less than 40 minutes (fiction, animation, documentary, experimental)

Every film can be part of the festival registration service and the Broadcasting service. However the agency has specific requirements over which films can be part of the international sales catalog.